We do take our jobs very seriously as we act in the interest of our clients, meaning negotiating firmly and to keep our clients in the loop. We are handling their assets, not working only for a sales commission.

Project development

Through our own network, we aim for high end turn key solutions in house building. We do invest in plots which our architectural team (FAT - Foundation of art and tectonic) develops before we proceed to the sales. In such cases, we do sell the projects mostly on plan in order to avoid further important financial investments as the client pays for the plot at the notary signature and then pays before every construction phase. This gives us the possibility to minimize financial risks and investments.


The architectural team, led by Mr. Frank STOLTZ, cooperate on a daily basis with our team. By sharing the same premises, we can optimize this cooperation and give the clients the chance to being serviced at one place only.

They have won several awards and competitions and are known in the industry for their quality work. Through Frank’s team, we were able to establish a construction program not yet so well known to the Luxembourgish market, but wood construction is the future as it is the only raw material that can be recycled. We are developing this program together with FAT and a renowned Swiss construction company.


Lalux being one of Luxembourgish market leader in insurances, we have managed to have them on board of our multi-service project. We will be able to offer any kind of insurances, mostly house and life insurances to our clients as they need those by law in order to complete a real estate transaction.

Tax- and financial consulting

Finally, we provide financial and tax consultancy both linked to real estate and for any other third party or sector. Our team consists of specialists having years of experience in this matter. Our clients can profit from exact personal and professional consultancy in order to optimize their own financial and tax situations.

Final word

By proposing such a tablet of full services, our clients are guided in every important step of their path at only one place. This allows us to raise the level of professionalism and to outbid the local competition that does not offer such a vast variety of services.

We strongly believe that our company will be able to have a strong market presence in the next coming months, allowing us to grow constantly and open up new opportunities together with our partner companies both in Luxembourg and abroad.